Football is Art exhibition arrives in São Paulo. Live mural painting on the internet.

Exhibition of Enio Squeff at PontoArt Gallery celebrates football-art during the World Cup; live streaming of mural painting in Vila Madalena


448A4236_723x870“Football is one of the most beautiful dances without music”, says Enio Squeff, whose new exhibition “Football is Art” will be on view from June 5th 2014 (Reopen June 7th) in PontoArt Gallery.

Football related paintings, monoprints, pencil and pen and ink drawings will be on show.

Squeff will also paint live a 16-square-meter mural at the art gallery as well as two works of art about football that will be live streamed on site  and on youtube.

Football is as defining to Brazilian culture as Carnival or samba according to the artist. A great lover of football, Squeff has always been interested in depicting on canvas the fluidity of the beautiful game.

For him, it is not only about capturing the virtuosity of football stars, but also the beauty of the athlete’s physical effort such as the anguish of a goalkeeper’s desperate attempts to prevent a goal.

Inside the gallery, seven oil and acrylic paintings and dozens of pen and ink drawings and monoprints will be on show. Outside, the artist will paint a 4×4 meter mural and two other works of art that will be put on display at the entrance of the gallery.

The creation of these works of art begins on June 5th, in the build up to the World Cup, in front of PontoArt gallery in Vila Madalena.

In the artist’s view, the act of painting has much in common with the style of play of a genius footballer. Therefore, the creation of the live pieces will be “broadcast” just as a football match develops play by play.

“On the gallery walls the images of the players’ movements are depicted in various phases of the painting. The impromptu of the external works entails precisely the improvisation which is one of the most beautiful attributes of the art of football” states Squeff.

Besides the broadcast, it will be possible to interact with the artist during his creative process in daily debates in front of the gallery.


Players enter popular imagery

In football, Squeff ponders, athletes and players enter popular imagery just like legends. “They define different eras of football through their performance especially in World Cup matches”.

“In Ancient Greece the Olympic Games had a godly character. They remounted to the mythical era, to cosmogony, to the period when Gods disputed their abilities, a period that has imprinted many of the traits that have been incorporated by humans”.

The use of the flute in the beginning of the Olympic Games in Greece, for instance, represented a remembrance and homage to Apollo who beat Mercury in a race and defeated Mars in combat. The great attribute of Apollo, however, was not his strength as an athlete or a warrior, but his complete dedication to art in all its forms”, explains the artist.


About the artist: mural painter, illustrator and writer

Known by many of his fellow artists as “a painter for painters”, Squeff has exposed his art in countries like Germany, Colombia, Portugal and Cuba. He says he is inspired by the city and neighbourhood where he lives and has his studio in Vila Madalena, São Paulo. (visit Squeff’s biography here)


One of his prominent art works was a 118-square meter mural entitled “From Paulo de Tarso to São Paulo”, in recognition of the 450th anniversary of the metropolis. The art piece was shown in SESC, a cultural centre, as part of an exhibition on the history of São Paulo through the evolution of mankind: from Ancient Egypt to the arrival of the Jesuits in Brazil’s economic capital (view the making of the piece here).

He has also painted a 12-square-meter mural in homage to Don Quixote for the occasion of the oeuvre’s 400th anniversary, currently on display in Premier Hospital in São Paulo.

The idea of portraying the art of football in a mural in Vila Madalena during the World Cup is in keeping with the artist’s previous works. He is a self-confessed sports lover who has spent years representing the bohemian lifestyle of Vila Madalena both on its streets and in his studio.

A renowned illustrator in Brazil, Spain and Portugal who has illustrated hundreds of works throughout his career, he has been warmly received by Iberian art critics for his illustrations in the Spanish and Catalan version of the book “K” by Bernardo Kucinski.

He is also the author of five books: “Music, the National and the Popular”, “Music of the French Revolution”, “Vila Madalena, tales, history and feelings”, “Kislansky, the eternal and the modern” and “The origin of the Names of the Cities of São Paulo”.


“Football is Art” | Enio Squeff

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See the work in progress on the internet from June 5th 2014

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“Na lateral”| Enio Squeff, 2014 | 46×38 cm | acrilic on canvas and wood frame | photo©javam